Container Enablement Solution

Software containers technology is revolutionizing the way businesses develop and deploy code. Delivering numerous benefits, such as rapid and error-free software deployment and the ability to ‘write once, run anywhere’, is causing its adoption to skyrocket. What was once an immature technology reserved only for the most innovative and skilled early adopters is now becoming a proven technology finding its way into more enterprise environments every day. For organizations that would like to implement a new container platform or accelerate a container deployment already underway, InterVision can help.

An Integrated Approach to Container Enablement

InterVision’s Containers Enablement Solution is a services platform to transform application development, delivery, and management with software containers. This new set of services is intended to help organizations that are just starting to consider containers technology or those that are already adopting containers but looking for assistance in taking their environment to the next level.

A typical containers platform includes technologies to host and run the containers, an orchestrator to deploy and manage them, security tools to inspect and protect running containers, and monitoring, logging, and dashboard tools to maintain a watchful eye. The Containers Enablement Solution has services designed to help organizations realize the full business potential of containers, choose the right collection of technologies, and apply the right methodology and techniques for writing applications for the new platform.

Solution Overview – Container Platform Solution

 What are the Benefits of Containers?

  • SIMPLICITY: Container format allows building applications just once regardless of OS or drivers
  • CONSISTENCY: Reduce errors by moving apps from test to production as a unit, without change
  • SCALABILITY: Container orchestration automatically scales applications based on policy
  • PORTABILITY: Run applications anywhere containers services are offered, on-premise or in any cloud
  • MODULARITY: Split applications into smaller services for more granular and rapid updates
  • AVAILABILITY: Monitoring detects container failure and starts new instance automatically

 Container Enablement Workshop

InterVision offers an interactive, on-site, one-day workshop for organizations interested in software containers. The objective of the Enablement Workshop is to provide a consistent level of understanding to a diverse audience to provide better technical alignment, which in turn facilitates cross-organizational planning. The workshop covers a broad set of topics relating to the containers ecosystem including images, orchestration, monitoring, and security with a focus on Docker and Kubernetes. The workshop includes demonstrations to support the concepts and show the technology in practice.

Service Overview – Container Enablement Workshop

 Container Readiness Assessment

Our Container Readiness Assessment is designed to give organizations the information they need to properly plan and prepare for the implementation of the software containers ecosystem, ensuring its done right the first time. The assessment offers detailed analysis of existing business and technical factors that affect containers adoption and provides detailed recommendations for driving a successful deployment that avoids otherwise unforeseen pitfalls. The service pays for itself by mitigating risk and minimizing the need for costly reengineering in the future.

Service Overview – Container Readiness Assessment