Hyper-converged Infrastructure

Based on software, hyper-converged infrastructure consolidates storage, compute, network, hypervisor, and management tools into a single infrastructure stack running on an elastic pool of x86 resources. Converged infrastructure solutions are designed to scale out by adding additional modules. These solutions address the problem of siloed architectures and IT sprawl by pooling and sharing IT resources which have the potential to simplify IT, increase efficiency, improve agility, and enable seamless scalability.

InterVision engineers can work with your IT team to understand your business requirements and determine if hyper-converged infrastructures are right for your needs.

What are the Benefits of Hyper-converged Infrastructure?

  • Increased IT agility by virtualizing storage, compute and networking.
  • Ability to manage resources spread across multiple data centers from a single centralized interface
  • Scalable building-block approach that allows IT to expand by adding units
  • Support for intensive workloads including VDI boot storms
  • High availability through mobile devices
  • Lower CapEx as the result of lower upfront prices for infrastructure
  • Lower OpEx through reductions in operational expenses and personnel
  • Ability to easily move workloads between different data centers and services, such as backup and replication
  • Options for efficient backup and recovery

Why InterVision for Hyper-converged Infrastructure?

InterVision has the data center expertise, top certifications, engineering experience and support services to help customer realize the full potential of converged infrastructure.

  • InterVision has relationships with emerging hyper-converged vendors including technical training on their platform
  • InterVision has the expertise and experience to build complete infrastructures
  • Unlike other solution providers that have experience in only a few practice areas, our staff includes individuals with specialized expertise across key IT disciplines, including networking, storage, virtualization, security and enterprise applications.
  • Integration Lab with a FlexPod: Located in Santa Clara, Calif., InterVision’s Integration Center is a restricted-access facility with training, testing and solution validation.

InterVision Hyper-converged Services

  • Integration and installation of pre-manufactured hyper-converged systems
  • Architecture of customized hyper-converged designs using server hardware of your choice

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