Malware Outbreak Service

Proven Ransomware & Malware Remediation

Our Specialized NetDefend® Malware Outbreak Response Team is ready to help with same day response & fast results.

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Don’t Pay the Ransom. Paying criminals a ransom doesn’t guarantee you’ll get your data back and you do not know how far they have penetrated your network. They may have planted seeds elsewhere looking for valuable data or leaving the door open for future attacks.

Trusted Malware Experts. We know complex business environments. Our trusted experts solve complex issues others cannot – we help medium-sized businesses to large enterprises.

Fast Removal. We’ll diagnose the extent of the breach and eradicate Malware and Ransomware within hours of deployment, in many cases.

Proven Results. We find lots of issues anti-virus software misses. We can see critical vulnerabilities. We can identify command and control, root kits, trojans, bots, data exfiltration, and many other nasty breaches. We’re confident we can help, no matter how complex or simple you environment is.

We Don’t Stop at Malware Removal. We dig deeper to understand the extent of the breach and where you are most vulnerable with deployment of NetDefend Malware Protector and NetDefend Interrogator tools.

Low Cost Comprehensive Services.  Our engagement is a low cost set fee. Unlike other services with escalating hourly fees, rush charges and nebulous scope, our Malware Outbreak Service is a low cost set fee regards of what it takes to get the job done.

Ongoing Protection. Immediate containment and removal is not enough. We put NetDefend Malware Protector in place to monitor and stop future endpoint infections with over 99.9% efficiency.

CyberSecurity Advisement. Effective cybersecurity comes in layers. During our investigation we access your key vulnerabilities and cybersecurity risks and provide you with prioritized list of additional action you can take to further protect your company.


MOS Flow

Rapid Response

  • 24×7 Security Network Operations Center
  • Malware and Ransomware identification, containment and removal begins immediately
  • NetDefend tools deployment assistances

Investigate, Contain and Removal

  • Intensive daily operations calls during first two weeks of Malware Outbreak service – Daily new finding report and advisement
  • Ransomware identification, containment and removal
  • Root kits, Trojans, Botnet and other malicious file identification, containment and removal
  • Investigation of unknown files to determine if malicious
  • Research encryption strain and provide findings
  • Post remediation incident report with root cause analysis when available
  • Guidance regarding system and network changes required


  • CyberSecurity assessment and advisement report
  • Vulnerability assessment report
  • Ongoing end-point protection beyond initial remediation with NetDefend Malware Protector powered by Cisco AMP for Endpoint left in place for 12-month or longer
  • 24/7 incident alerting and operation center to address potential issue


NetDefend Malware Protector

NetDefend Malware Protector is endpoint is managed service and software that continuously monitor all file behavior to uncover stealthy attacks. It detects, blocks, and remediates advanced malware across all endpoints. It is deployed immediately to help with the remediation and left in place for ongoing protection.

  • This service has deep visibility into executable and file activity across all of your endpoints so we can spot threats fast, scope a compromise, and assists you with instant remediation.
  • Zero Day and stealthy threats pose many challenges. We sandbox suspicious files and perform automated static and dynamic analysis of files against more than 700 behavioral indicators to uncover stealthy threats.
  • We help determine threat origins through continuous monitoring and recording. Once a file lands on the endpoint, NetDefend continues to watch, analyze, and record file activity, regardless of the file’s disposition. When malicious behavior is detected, we can show you the recorded history of the malware’s behavior over time: where it came from, where it’s been, and what it’s doing. Then we will automatically quarantine and remediate the file across all endpoints.
  • This service is powered by Cisco Advance Malware Protection for Endpoints

NetDefend Interrogator2

NetDefend Interrogator identifies suspicious breach activity and vulnerabilities from the network.  This compliments NetDefend Malware Protector by looking beyond the endpoint files to get a complete picture of breach activity and to identify vulnerabilities. This service is deployed while investigating and assessing the breach. Once the assessment is complete, this appliance is removed.

  • Identify Machine infected with BOTS which is a way that cybercriminals remotely control machines to steal data, spread spam, distribute malware and launch Denial of Service (DOS) attacks.
  • Discover Malware downloads – servers, workstations, laptops and mobile devices.
  • Report connections and traffic to sites known to contain malware
  • Identification of Data loss incidents including data sent outside the company and to unauthorized users.
  • Mobile threat analysis
  • Detail attacks and exploited software vulnerabilities such as intrusion attempts, malware attacks, DOS attacks and attempts to breach security.
  • Assess vulnerabilities of computers and applications – identification of patches needed and recommend security setting and configuration updates.