OpenStack is an open-source cloud computing software platform that can control large pools of compute, storage and networking resources throughout a data center. Administrators and users can manage the infrastructure through a web-based dashboard, command-line tools, or a restful API. OpenStack can be used to create highly available, scalable and cost-effective architecture for an on premise private cloud or fully integrated hybrid cloud.

InterVision has years of architectural and operation experience creating some of the largest and most reliable data centers in the world. Our engineers are experienced with the OpenStack components and can help IT organizations deliver services as quickly as public cloud providers.

What are the Benefits of OpenStack Data Centers?

  • Highly available and scalable architecture
  • Allows customers to leverage their existing compute, server and storage assets
  • Dynamically provision services and scale in seconds to meet real-time user requirements
  • Increase utilization of storage, compute and networking resources
  • Enable multi-tenancy with ability to charge back business units for services
  • Deliver services faster while maintaining control and without adding complexity
  • Maintain security and compliance requirements
  • Reduce capital and operational expenses
  • Allow for massive scalability
  • Automation of resource management functions

Why InterVision for OpenStack?

  • 23 years of experience building data center infrastructure of all types (vendors and technologies)
  • OpenStack deployment experience in large-scale data center environments
  • Experience on leading OpenStack platforms
  • Established architects with experience managing complex workloads
  • On staff engineering capabilities which utilize scripting and orchestration automation tools to facilitate and manage the environment
  • Full integration capabilities to integrate, test, deploy, and automate complex IT infrastructure
  • Project management office to provide timely delivery and provide risk mitigation

OpenStack Components

The OpenStack community has collaboratively identified nine key components that are a part of the “core” of OpenStack, which are distributed as a part of any OpenStack system and officially maintained by the OpenStack community.

  • Nova—Primary compute engine
  • Swift—Objects and file storage
  • Cinder—Block storage
  • Neutron—Networking
  • Horizon—Dashboard with graphical interface
  • Keystone—Identify services
  • Glance—Image services
  • Ceilometer—Telemetry services
  • Heat—Orchestration

InterVision engineers understand the capabilities and limitations of each of these components, and can add custom code for features not currently available in the pure distribution release.

InterVision OpenStack Services

  • Plan and manage OpenStack projects
  • Build an OpenStack cloud with best-in-class hardware and software from leading IT vendors
  • Design hybrid cloud architectures
  • Leverage your previous investments and move your legacy systems to the cloud
  • Build and deploy applications on OpenStack clouds
  • Utilize Project Managers to ensure successful implementation
  • Provide custom coding to adapt OpenStack to specific workloads
  • Capacity planning
  • OpenStack Cloud Architecture
  • Cloud Storage Solutions
  • Hybrid Cloud Integration
  • Cloud Support Services
  • Deployment of enterprise versions of OpenStack
  • OpenStack upgrades
  • Orchestration and provisioning