Software Defined Data Center

The Software Defined Data Center is a transformational enterprise IT operation model based on the core principles powering server virtualization. Storage, networking, and other physical resources are abstracted and pooled, resulting in greater utilization, efficiency and agility. Control of the Software Defined Data Center is automated and operated through orchestration software. All infrastructure is virtualized and delivered as a service, making the Software Defined Data Center the ideal platform for private, public and hybrid cloud.

The shift to software defined data center started around 2010 with significant investment by major IT vendors including VMware, HP and Cisco. There’s also been significant progress in the open source community with OpenStack and orchestration tools.

What are the Potential Benefits of Software Defined Data Centers?

  • Dynamically provision services and scale in seconds to meet real-time user requirements
  • Increase utilization of storage, compute and networking resources
  • Enable multi-tenancy with ability to charge back business units for services
  • Deliver services faster while maintaining control and without adding complexity
  • Maintain security and compliance requirements
  • Reduce capital and operational expenses
  • Allow for massive scalability
  • High availability and more resilient infrastructure

Why InterVision for Building Software Defined Data Centers?

  • 23 years of experience building data center infrastructure of all types (vendors and technologies)
  • Established architects with experience managing complex workloads
  • On staff engineering capabilities which utilize scripting and orchestration automation tools to facilitate and manage the environment
  • Full integration capabilities to integrate, test, deploy and automate complex IT infrastructure
  • Project management office to provide timely delivery and provide risk mitigation

InterVision’s SDDC Methodology

InterVision starts the SDDC strategy process by analyzing your business initiatives, application flow, and overall IT requirements—including workload, I/O, security, backup, disaster recovery, and multi-tenancy. We work closely with you to help you clarify your goals and requirements, and then identify solutions and service delivery models that will maximize the effectiveness of IT spend. InterVision can help create a foundation of IT infrastructure to accommodate business needs which effectively enable IT to become a cost profit center.

InterVision’s SDDC strategy and implementation services can help you:

  • Create a SDDC roadmap tailored to your requirements
  • Architect a flexible private or hybrid cloud
  • Select best-in-breed technologies to build a converged infrastructure
  • Qualify your business needs and requirements
  • Provide public cloud services for your business

InterVision SDDC Services

  • Converged infrastructure deployment
  • Virtualization and implementation
  • Orchestration and provisioning
  • SDN implementation
  • Scripting and Development