InterVision Innovation Session

With the focus on your business success, InterVision takes a neutral approach to determine what IT consumption model will best benefit your organization with its proven innovation methodology.

Also known as IVIS, the InterVision Innovation Session unites IT and business teams to build the collaborative development of a technology optimization roadmap that delivers strategic, financial and operational business value.

IVIS is a facilitated, collaborative working session focused on understanding key business objectives and challenges to gain a detailed view of the current technology consumption model.

Your company’s key IT, SME and Business Stakeholders join InterVision’s business analysts and technology experts for two to three business days for a series of one to two hour sessions focusing on specific business and IT topics and focal areas.

InterVision delivers a formal presentation of key findings, recommendations and a proposed technology consumption roadmap designed to deliver desired business results.

The Technology Leader's Guide to Digital Transformation

A business-focused perspective on how to drive and accelerate transformation

Realize your IT vision!

Our team of DX experts facilitates consultative sessions that bring stakeholders together to discuss and disclose business challenges. Together we recommend technology solutions that align with business goals to improve outcomes. Benchmarks, one-day and two-day sessions and deeper-dive workshops are available. Share your information, and we’ll be in touch shortly.