Category: Podcast

Podcast | Building Strategic Partnerships

Anita Nielsen, a Top Sales Performance Consultant, joins Jeff Ton, InterVision’s SVP Product Development and Strategic Alliances, to unpack what it means to be a partner, how to identify potential partners and most importantly, how to drive value together.

Podcast | Advancing IT Resiliency

In this episode of Status Go Chris Campbell, Solutions Engineering Manager,  and Jeff  Ton, SVP of Product Development and Strategic Alliances, both of InterVision, disect the why and how of re-framing and advancing your IT resiliency.

Podcast | Powerful Lessons From Bad Bosses

John Rouda, IT Director at INSP, LLC, and Jeff Ton, of InterVision dive into their worst (or best) bad boss stories; what they learned and how every boss – the good and the bad – shaped them as leaders today.

Podcast | Building an IT Community

Doug Theis, Founder of IT Leaders Indianapolis and Jeff Ton, Founder of Indy CIO Network sit down to discuss the importance of a strong IT Community for today’s IT Leaders.

Podcast | Artificial Intelligence and Disease Detection

Mark Plaskow, Data Warehousing & Clinical Data Specialist, and Jeff Ton discuss using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in healthcare, more specifically in identifying disease.

ON-DEMAND Webinar | 7 Golden Rules of Cloud Migration

The convenience, flexibility, and scalability of cloud makes it a draw for enterprises looking to modernize their IT operations and prepare for future needs. But, getting to the cloud from a traditional, often physical, infrastructure is easier said than done.

Podcast | The Social CIO

Tim Crawford, Strategic CIO and Advisor at AVOA, sits down with Jeff Ton, of InterVision, to discuss a variety of topics; everything from the virtues of social media to breaking down barriers through podcasting and even Tim’s experience as an expert witness. 

Podcast | The Future of Work

Paul Chapman, CIO of Box, sits down with Jeff Ton, SVP of Product Development and Strategic Alliances, and shares his experiences with creating a modern workplace or “taking the work out of work,” how he has fostered an ecosystem of partners and the ways he believes the role of CIO will shift in the next 3 to 5 years.

Podcast | Optimizing the Customer Experience: The Role of IT

Ali Cudby, CEO of Your Iconic Brand, talks with Jeff Ton, SVP of Product Development and Strategic Alliances, about developing a culture around customer loyalty and the value and creativity the IT team brings to architecting a seamless and memorable customer experience.