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Rethink security.

Gigamon was founded in 2004 on a revolutionary idea to provide pervasive visibility into company data across the entire network. The traditional model was one that operated under simple assumptions. Those assumptions led to deployment models which in todays’ world of cyber security have been proven to be woefully inadequate at addressing malware and cyber breaches.

The Gigamon vision is to make it easier for companies to secure, manage and understand their data in motion, enabling stronger security and network performance. Now, over a decade later, the intelligent Gigamon Visibility Platform delivers pervasive visibility across physical and virtual, public/private/hybrid cloud and remote sites for the world’s leading organizations.

A Security Delivery Platform is the foundation of any modern cyber security strategy. Optimize your security solution deployments and provide them with consistent access to relevant data no matter where your tools are located: in the data center, in private, hybrid or pubic clouds. Deploy a wide range of security and monitoring solutions, that can scale up to 100Gb and benefit from granular network visibility, while simplifying your operations and management.

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