Microsoft® Office 365™ boosts business productivity and collaboration.

Empowering productivity

The face of productivity is changing.

Increasingly, organizations are turning to cloud services to accommodate today’s mobile and distributed workforces.  Microsoft’s Office 365 provides all your familiar productivity tools, along with cloud services for storage, e-mail and collaboration using a flexible subscription-based model.

  • InterVision can help you find the right package of solutions for:
  • Cloud or local access to productivity tools
  • Hosted E-mail
  • Online File Storage
  • Team Collaboration, Scheduling and Document Sharing
  • Corporate Social Networking and Video access
  • Meetings, Events & Video Conferencing

How secure are you?

Let’s connect to find out. We’ll collaborate with your security team and stakeholders to develop a comprehensive series of IT security recommendations that support your business. Share four to six hours with our security practice and we will deliver findings and recommendations specific to make your environment and application data secure.