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Managed open cloud

Build. Operate. Transfer.

The Mirantis mission is to be the world’s most effective vehicle for converting open source innovation into customer value. Private cloud software is all they do. This means they work with best-in-class technology providers to bring you solutions that solve specific use-cases.

By providing continuous delivery of open source software via a managed services model, they enable organizations to easily consume infrastructure, rather than build it themselves. And, with an option to transfer operations control, enterprises can reap the benefits of open source standards and avoid vendor lock-in.

Mirantis delivers open cloud infrastructure to top enterprises using OpenStack, Kubernetes and related open source technologies. The company is a major contributor of code to many open infrastructure projects and follows a build-operate-transfer model to deliver Mirantis Cloud Platform and cloud management services, empowering customers to take advantage of open source innovation with no vendor lock-in. To date they have helped over 200 enterprises build and operate some of the largest open clouds in the world.

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