Nimble Storage redefines the storage market with its Adaptive Flash platform, enabling consolidation of all workloads and elimination of storage silos by providing enterprises with significant improvements in application performance and storage capacity.

Nimble Storage

Best-in-class storage

Netelligent continuously evaluates technologies that provide exceptional business value. Combining innovative on-premises technologies from Nimble Storage with our leading Hosted Café suite of cloud and managed services provides a comprehensive hybrid IT solution that exceeds customer expectations.

The Nimble Adaptive Flash platform combines flash with high capacity drives to deliver high performance and capacity to support various applications. In addition, the Nimble all-flash solution delivers extreme performance for the most demanding workloads.

What is our favorite feature? Nimble Infosight. Every four hours, InfoSight collects and analyzes more sensor data points from all deployed Nimble arrays, regardless of customer or location. Predictive Analytics are then used to correlate vast amounts of information to find and solve your most complex issues. In fact 9 out of 10 problems are automatically detected with prescriptive guidance on how to resolve them.

When you do have an issue, Nimble support is what you’re expecting. InfoSight’s automation removes the pain of dealing with Level-1 and Level-2 support issues, putting you in touch with senior level-3 engineers that quickly resolve issues. With 99.9997% up-time, you may not need support, but they are there when you need them.

What do our customers choose? Netelligent NetTend managed services to manage their entire IT infrastructure allowing our customers to focus on their business.

Netelligent and Nimble Storage, an easy choice to simplify IT.

Why Nimble? Why not?

Here are the top reasons to choose Nimble Storage for virtualization.