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Storage engineered for demanding workflows

Operating multiple storage systems to satisfy different performance and connectivity requirements is wasteful and costly. Quantum Xcellis creates a highly efficient storage environment that supports workflows, promotes collaboration, and fits your business requirements. Never underpowered or overprovisioned, flexible Xcellis storage is designed to manage storage on your terms.

Demanding workflows have increased the need for collaboration among core and extended team members. By combining both SAN performance with the ease of NAS connectivity, Xcellis extends collaboration to the broadest range of users. This provides the right level of performance to the right people, improves collaboration, and simplifies deployments and workflows.

Quantum believes you shouldn’t have to forklift-replace components to scale storage. Nor should you have to pay for additional hardware to overcome architectural deficiencies. Xcellis scales capacity and performance in parallel or independently, providing users access to the space and bandwidth required to get the job done.

Xcellis workflow storage is flat out fast. Users in any workflow, whether it’s genomic research, 4K video, surveillance or any other demanding field, will feel like they’re directly attached, interacting in real time with data streams that bring less capable systems to their knees. But it’s not just streaming performance that matters; Xcellis also accelerates workflows with support for key applications with no change in process, and access to content from any tier.

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