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Routers were invented when posting pictures meant taping up Polaroids. 

Silver Peak is the global leader in broadband and hybrid WAN solutions, serving more than 2,000 customers around the world.

Geographically distributed enterprises are embracing Software Defined Wide Area Networks at an accelerating pace. As more and more enterprise applications migrate to the cloud, backhauling that traffic from the branch to headquarters doesn’t make sense. End users often find their business apps run faster over their home Internet service or even on their mobile device.

Businesses with a Silver Peak SD-WAN solution lower costs, gain business agility and maintain competitive edge by delivering a superior experience when connecting users to applications using any combination of transport.

Silver Peak offers you a fully integrated solution that combines high-performance SD-WAN, WAN optimization, routing and a stateful firewall to turn your WAN into a business advantage.

An application-driven SD-WAN edge architecture eliminates the need for conventional branch routers. Only EdgeConnect consolidates foundational network functions, SD-WAN, routing, WAN optimization and security, at the branch into a single, centrally orchestrated application-driven SD-WAN solution.The SD-WAN solution can be deployed in remote offices, branches, regional hubs, data centers or in the cloud.

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Compete At Your Peak

Unity EdgeConnect customer deployments more than double on an annualized basis; Enterprises embrace the industry’s only complete application-driven SD-WAN solution