Malware Outbreak Service

Recover quickly from malicious attacks
Reduce the Damage of Outbreaks

Paying cybercriminals in a ransomware scenario doesn’t guarantee you’ll get your data back. And if the incident has penetrated deep into your network, there may be plans for a future attack. Having a robust incident response plan is key to the ongoing livelihood of your business, especially when cyber-attacks are always evolving.

InterVision’s Malware Outbreak Service establishes a strategy for malware and ransomware breaches, as well as a process for testing and iterative improvements.

The [InterVision] team becomes an extension of the internal IT department and works closely to implement a tailored solution. Once implemented, they are constantly working with you to maintain the solution and verify that it continues to meet the needs of the organization. The solutions they offer are extremely flexible. Everyone from sales to technical support is knowledgeable and available to help in any way. I’ve been dealing with IT vendors for almost 20 years and [InterVision] is one of the best
Avoid the Costly Impacts of a Breach

Get same-day response from our Malware Outbreak Response Team, who are standing by 24×7 to remediate and contain a breach from our Security Operations Center (SOC).

Immediate Containment and Removal




Ongoing Endpoint Protection and Monitoring to Stop Future Infections
Post-Remediation Incident Report with Root Cause Analysis
Expert Guidance Regarding System and Network Changes
Incident Alerting from our 24×7 Operations Center
Understand Your Risks as They Evolve

As part of our Malware Outbreak Service, we collect data from your environment and return it to you in a cleansed computing environment along with a number of actionable recommendations of how to protect yourself from future attacks.

We deliver the following reports:

Malware Outbreak Report
Endpoint Malware Report
Threat Analysis Report
Cybersecurity Assessment
Vulnerability Assessment

Integrate Your Recovery and Security Strategy

Have every protective strategy at your disposal. InterVision’s deep commitment and expertise in restorative measures means you can rest assured of smooth sailing.

Resolving Ransomware Incidents with Disaster Recovery as a Service

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