Detect & Defend

Get end-point protection to identify infection before, during and after a threat hits

Advanced malware protection & detection service

NetDefend® Malware Protector provides an elite layer of defense against known and emerging zero-day threats for end point which is the entry point for many attacks. With a robust capability that utilizes multi-sources malware and threat intelligence with advanced technology to perform file reputation, sandboxing and retrospection analysis, Malware Protector helps businesses see, rapidly analyze and accurately diagnose these threats. This managed service includes expertise from our information Hosted Café security specialists whom help expedite malware incident response and its removal.

Deep visibility and control

Advanced malware can evade your defenses and get inside your organization. NetDefend Malware Protector gives us the deepest visibility and control of any advanced malware protection deployment to protect against advanced threats that slip by your front-line defenses. We will report upon executable and file activity, and remediate malware with a few clicks.

Continuous analysis

Once a file lands on the endpoint, NetDefend Malware Protector continues to watch, analyze, and record file activity, regardless of the file’s disposition. When malicious behavior is detected, we will report to you a recorded history of the malware’s behavior over time: where it came from, where it’s been, and what it’s doing. Then we can stop the file from executing on all endpoints.

Threat intelligence and sandboxing

Our Security experts along with Cisco Talos group analyzes millions of malware samples and terabytes of data per day, and pushes that intelligence to AMP so you’re protected 24/7. Also, advanced sandboxing capabilities perform automated static and dynamic analysis of files against 500+ behavioral indicators to uncover stealthy threats.

Broad endpoint coverage

Malware can attack through a variety of attack vectors. NetDefend Malware Protector protects endpoints running Windows or Mac OS, and Linux systems. Deploy the AMP’s lightweight connector, and users see no impact on device performance since AMP performs all analysis in the cloud, not on the endpoint itself.

Malware blocking

NetDefend Malware Protector automatically detects and blocks known and emerging threats in real time using one-to-one signature matching, fuzzy fingerprinting, machine learning, and other detection methods.

Cognitive threat analytics integration

Malware Protector using Cisco® AMP for Endpoints just got better. The Cognitive Threat Analytics (CTA) platform offers more capability to stop advanced threats, and helps our Hosted Café Team see more infections than alternate malware solutions.