Find & Fix

Continuous monitoring finds vulnerabilities fast, before hackers can attack

Vulnerability scanning for continuous monitoring for added, necessary protection

NetDefend® Scanner is a cloud-based service that performs vulnerability scanning to assess internal and Internet-facing servers, workstations and network-attached devices for threats and weaknesses.

As a recurring diagnostic scan, it builds reports that define, identify and classify security risks. When available, information including recommended patches, bug fixes and configuration changes are provided to assist in remediation. 

Scanner performs assessments at scheduled intervals with automated ticketing to provide tracking and auditing back to the Security Network Operations Center. It also prioritizes improvements and quickly eliminates security holes that hackers may exploit while also meeting requirements within compliance audits.

NetDefend Scanner is the only managed vulnerability scanner solution with integrated password vault for better credential security to provide authenticated scans.

Scanner does not require the client to provide user account (password) to Netelligent; the Secret Server stores password with automatic daily changes making it safer and faster than other methods and provides more detailed results.



Detect and Defend

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