Client Success | Selecting DRaaS: Taylor Porter’s Journey to a Stronger IT Stance

Taylor Porter, one of the oldest, largest and most respected law firms in Louisiana, met these pressures and objectives by turning to Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) as a solution. Read more about the success.

ON-DEMAND Webinar | Developing a Comprehensive Recovery Runbook

Interactive Webinar Workshop on MARCH 20 | 1 PM ET / 11 AM PT

Blog | What is a Strategic Service Provider?

Strategic Service Providers imply deep expertise and broad capabilities – under a single roof.

Podcast | Tech-Powered Agriculture

Agricultural organizations, large and small, are technologically advanced, data driven, digital forward companies; in fact, they must be in order to remain competitive in the industry. Find out how technology has played and continues to play a prominent role in the growth of Beck's Hybrids.

Podcast | Building A Strategic IT Team

As the pressure for more strategic and rapid innovation mounts, ensure you are building a team that is up for the challenge, has the right skill sets and is motivated to advance the overall business objectives.

News | InterVision Expands Digital Transformation Practice

Backed by an expert team of innovation consultants, technical architects, and business analysts, InterVision’s DX practice provides business leaders with a holistic roadmap incorporating business vision, IT infrastructure, change management and ongoing architectural guidance to help enable and sustain a competitive advantage.

Podcast | Connecting the Tech Industry and Academia

Lou Lenz, Professor of Practice, returns to discuss Indiana University's School of Informatics and Computing and the department of Human Centered computing, where, as Lou states, "It's really about humanizing data."

Blog | How to Achieve UC&C in the Cloud with Leadership’s Backing

An IT Director’s Quick Guide to Harnessing Collaboration Tools

Podcast | Design Thinking in IT

In this episode Lou and Jeff take us through the evolution of design thinking over the last 36 years, they discuss the root of fundamentally good design and explore the type of true collaboration among teams and even adjacent industries necessary to carry out a needle moving product or solution.

Podcast | 2019 Technology Predictions

Two contributors to InterVision's 2019 Technology Predictions eBook join Jeff Ton to expand on their predictions and explain how they arrived at their conclusions.