Status Go Podcast: Episode 33

” Access control would probably be the place I would start on the preventative side of the house; knowing who your users are and what they should access.” – Chris Campbell

Status Go Podcast: Episode 33

” We find that the best approach to restorative is to take it per application.” – Chris Campbell

Status Go Podcast: Episode 33

” Systems are getting a lot more advanced and, of course, there are so many vendors in the space and so many different ways to approach it that It can be daunting for an IT administrator or a CISO to come in and really evaluate what’s going to fit best for their agency and their company.” – Chris Campbell

Episode 33: Advancing IT Resiliency

Between remote working, a globally distributed workforce, and 24/7 e-commerce, the tolerance for downtime continues to decrease.  While the majority of incidents  are still attributed to natural disasters, around a quarter of them apply to security; forcing the concept of resiliency to expand and evolve beyond redundant power systems to include a heavy focus on security.  In this episode of Status Go Chris Campbell, Solutions Engineering Manager,  and Jeff  Ton, SVP of Product Development and Strategic Alliances, both of InterVision, disect the why and how of re-framing and advancing your IT resiliency.

Time Stamped Table of Contents

1:18 Chris’ background

3:30 Current Trends

6:00 The balanced approach

10:47 A well rounded preventative program

15:19 Security awareness

19:25 New techniques for detection

22:48 Measures to ensure quick recovery

26:13 Advancement in replication technology resulting in lower costs

29:30 Where to start

32:59 Summary


Chris Campbell has been on the InterVision pre-sales team for 4 years with over 15 years of implementation and troubleshooting experience with government and commercial networks and data centers.

Before coming to InterVision Chris was the network architect for the US Marine Corps private cloud (MCEITS) and security lead for Customs and Border Patrol’s southern boarder systems under Homeland Security. He is deeply experienced with routing and switching, firewalls, network and system virtualization, as well many other platforms throughout the data center. Chris’ expertise also extends to  compliance and security standards, compliance, and remediation.

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