Status Go Podcast: Episode 32

” I wanted to micro manage because I felt like I could do it better.  I became the bottle neck for my team for sure, but also, I didn’t give my team the ability to grow.” – John Rouda

Status Go Podcast: Episode 32

” I started setting up meetings with different department heads and Vice presidents and talking about their issues and explaining the why.” – John Rouda

Status Go Podcast: Episode 32

” I required all of my team members to speak at a meet up as part of their performance review.” – John Rouda

Episode 32: Powerful Lessons From Bad Bosses

We’ve all experienced less than stellar bosses.  What is your greatest bad boss war story?  What did you learn and how did a difficult encounter shape the leader you are today? John Rouda, IT Director at INSP, LLC, and Jeff Ton, of InterVision, dive into these very topics on this episode and include their own colorful narratives.  Jeff and John also discuss the value of mentor-ship and the value derived on both sides of the mentoring equation.

Time Stamped Table of Contents

1:32 John’s worst (or best) bad boss story

2:36 Lessons learned

3:10 Contagious bad habits

4:20 Struggling as a new leader

5:27 Managing former peers

7:20 The value of having a mentor

12:03Techniques for an introverted leader

14:31 Stepping out of your comfort zone

17:16 The value of a mentee

19:41 Building team community

23:44 John’s “IT Code”

26:34 Lessons from great bosses

28:01 Action items

29:55 Summary

John Rouda is an IT Leader and Computer Science Professor.  Currently, he is an IT Director at INSP, LLC, and he teaches as an adjunct professor at both York Technical College and Winthrop University.  John is currently on the board of the Interface Cyber Security Conference and serves on the Board of Directors for Family Trust Federal Credit Union.  John’s pas experiences include more than a decade of technical management in both software development and network infrastructure.

John holds two masters degrees, one in business administration, the other in computer science and regularly speaks on technology, entrepreneurship and leadership topics at events and conferences, including a Tedx talk in 2015.

Along with 2 partners, John founded and subsequently sold a business developing and hosting websites.  He has developed dozens of mobile apps and hosts a technical leadership podcast called A Geek Leader.


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