Private Cloud Platform Services

Think ‘private cloud’ when an ‘on-prem first’ philosophy leads the strategy

Private Cloud Platform

InterVision’s approach to cloud enablement is based on an ‘on-premises first’ philosophy whereby the path to your cloud starts with a strong, stable, foundation built on infrastructure hardware located in your datacenter and enhanced over time. through sprint-like iterations to enable the specific features and functions your business needs.

At the core of the InterVision Private Cloud Platform solution is the cloud management platform technology, which turns ordinary virtual infrastructure into a cloud of resources. Just as virtualization abstracts hardware resources into pools, the cloud management platform can abstract virtual pools of resources into a cloud providing a single pane of glass through which all resources are provided, accessed, and managed regardless of underlying technology or location. The Private Cloud Platform can be seamlessly expanded to deliver additional IT services and automation as the business’ cloud needs evolve.

Cloud Platform Solution Overview

A practical approach modernizing IT resource delivery in the enterprise

Benefits of the Private Cloud Platform

  • Manage public and/or private cloud resources, creating one common cloud
  • Self-service portal offers on-demand access to resources users they need them
  • Architecture enables seamless management of multiple clouds and technologies
  • Central point of access ensures users cannot exceed resource usage beyond budgets
  • Multi-tenancy design enables strict separation by business groups
  • Single pane of glass allows all cloud resources to be managed from one console
  • Financial engine provides cost reporting on resource consumption and ability to recover cost

Start with a strong foundation

The Private Cloud Platform solution starts with our Private Cloud Foundation service, an engagement that delivers a basic infrastructure-as- a-service cloud that rapidly enabling basic, on-demand, catalog-based compute resources thus allowing realization of business value in rapid time.  At the core of the foundation service is the implementation and configuration of the cloud management platform technology tailored to the basic needs of your organization while applying best-practices architecture. The cloud management platform is layered on top of the virtual infrastructure you already own, which reduces new investments and provides the ability to deliver cloud service in a short time period.

Certified Experts

Our certified engineers have hands-on experiences with hundreds of complex IT production environments. They exercise specialized expertise with cross-training in all critical IT areas: Security, Networking, Enterprise Applications, Cloud, Wireless, Storage and Virtualization. With over 300 technical certifications with leading technology vendors, they average over 15 years of technology experience. Tiered organization structure at InterVision ensures that first level integration staff has access to our expert in-house engineers for more complex integration tasks and projects.

Private Cloud Infrastructure

InterVision can help you architect and build a custom private cloud to suit your specific business requirements. We work with leading IT vendors and can help you select the best combination of technologies and services for your environment and needs. Whenever possible, we will leverage the infrastructure investments you have already made.  Our end-to-end cloud infrastructure services include architecture, engineering, integration, installation and documentation–delivered by technical personnel with years of practical experience building private clouds.

Private Cloud Expansion Services

InterVision simplifies the process of evolving the private cloud with our Private Cloud Expansion services. Rather than attempting to design and deploy an enhanced cloud as one extended effort, we believe in rapid deployment of a strong, basic cloud followed by iterative enhancements that expand its capabilities over time. This approach allows the business to realize the benefits of private cloud quickly while delivering additional value over time, incrementally as additional features and functions are integrated into the cloud management platform. InterVision offers a suite of expansion services meant to satisfy the most commonly desired private cloud functions and organized into classes.

XaaS Add-Ons: Enables programmatic ‘as-a-service’ delivery for common IT resources leveraging APIs and presented via the service catalog.

Extension: Extends the private cloud to include public cloud resources by creating a private VPN connection and allowing public cloud services to be ordered, controlled, and managed from the local CMP.

Management: Provides monitoring, alerting, optimization, and reporting of private cloud infrastructure and provisioned workloads

Integration: Allows the cloud management platform to interact with core infrastructure tools to enable automation of commonly required tasks or single-pain-of-glass monitoring of cloud resources.

Orchestration: Automates repetitive tasks associated with the provisioning and deprovisioning of systems, services, and applications.

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