AWS Network Security Automation Framework

Design, secure and operate your AWS network

AWS Network Security Automation Framework

Many network and security teams are challenged with architecting and securing their AWS network while ensuring security operations are executed at DevOps speed. To leverage the speed and agility of platforms like AWS, automation is crucial.

To help clients face these challenges, InterVision developed the Network Security Automation Framework (NSAF), which helps organizations’ IT teams quickly design, secure and automate their AWS network.

AWS NSAF Overview

Gain security in the cloud without compromising agility & speed

  • Secure your AWS network with Palo Alto Networks firewalls in a few hours
  • Quickly develop and deploy custom application security profiles within AWS
  • Ensure security operations can move at DevOps speed

Gain speed to market with InterVision’s Professional Services

  • Access expert advice on your AWS network and security architecture
  • Quickly design the right network and architecture for your AWS environment
  • Ensure your on-premise network security is on par with your cloud network security
  • Integrate your cloud network into existing tools (such as Splunk or Active Directory) for greater visibility and control across hybrid environments

Why InterVision?

InterVision has more than 25 years of experience in helping clients navigate new technology landscapes. We have partnered with Palo Alto Networks for over 10 years and are an Advanced AWS Consulting Partner with AWS’ DevOps Competency. The NSAF is an Ansible/Python set of code used by InterVision’s professional services team to help clients quickly achieve success across these three initiatives:

1. Educate constituents and design the right AWS network architecture.

  • Transit VPC architecture design options
  • Transit gateway architecture design options
  • Global networking options

2. Define application security profiles within AWS.

  • Cloud security profile on par with on-premise security profile
  • Security profile translated for application migration
  • Profiles defined for new born-in-the-cloud applications

3. Automate security operations leveraging Ansible.

  • Automated provisioning and management of the AWS network
  • Visibility and control (so AWS users can move fast, while also securely)

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