CI/CD Optimization Assessment

Leveraging CI/CD produces software faster and more quickly. InterVision can help you adopt or fine-tune what you have.

CI/CD Optimization Assessment

Most organizations have introduced some level of automation and process standardization throughout the software development, testing, and operations groups.  However, many enterprises have yet to converge those groups into a cohesive DevOps team and fewer still have integrated InfoSec into that team.  These organizations aspire to implement and adopt CI/CD and DevOps alignment but have not yet successfully made the transformation.  The CI/CD Optimization Assessment service helps these organizations by examining existing automation, processes, and organizational alignment to provide a strategy, recommendations, and a design to accelerate their CI/CD pipeline implementation efforts.

CI/CD Optimization Assessment Services

Why assess?

  • Jumpstart your CI/CD efforts with expert guidance, planning, and design tailored to your specific environment.
  • Perform a ‘checkup’ on your existing automation strategies and tools to identify opportunities for additional efficiency.
  • Break through existing automation and quality challenges with 3rd party expertise and detailed recommendations.

CI/CD Optimization Assessment Methodology

InterVision’s CI/CD Optimization Assessment is designed to help organizations mature their software development practices through mentoring and guidance on CI/CD concepts, best practices, patterns, etc. for either introducing new techniques or optimizing existing ones.  The service focuses on the components and stages that make up the CI/CD pipeline itself as well as the practices that feed the pipeline (pre) and the operations activities (post) to provide a true end-to-end assessment.  The CI/CD Optimization Assessment uses our proven engagement methodology to ensure a high-value result.  Detailed discovery is performed at your site via a series of collaborative workshops with subsequent analysis and report development performed remotely.

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