Integration & Configuration

We handle routine configuration to complex integration projects.

Integration & Configuration

Installing, testing and configuring technology equipment can take away precious time from your IT staff or slow down the implementation of your business initiatives. With over 23 years of IT experience and a brand new 8,000 sq. ft. Integration Center, InterVision has the capabilities and expertise to handle all your integration and configuration needs—from routine configuration tasks to the most complex integration projects.

Integration Services Overview

Why partner with InterVision?

InterVision’s integration services encompass the entire technology lifecycle with a focus on quality, cycle time and delivery.

  • Expert configuration of server, networking and storage equipment
  • End-to-end integration capabilities
  • Project Management Office to manage all aspects of integration projects
  • Capability to supply and stage inventory
  • Global shipping and logistics capabilities
  • High testing standards and quality control
  • Fast turnaround times

Our Advanced Integration Center

Located in Santa Clara, California, InterVision’s state-of-the-art Integration Center is designed to handle a high volume of IT equipment.

  • 8,000 sq. ft. restricted access facility with video monitoring
  • Benches are supplied with Gigabit Ethernet, fiber optic cable, and the latest configuration management tools.
  • Benches and racks accommodate a large volume of equipment with specialized configuration and testing tools

Our Services

  • Bios and firmware updates
  • Memory, disk, PCI cards, Host Bus Adapters
  • Burn in
  • Racking
  • Cable management
  • SAN/NAS builds
  • Testing (System, diagnostic, port, device, etc.)
  • Wireless device builds
  • RAID/cluster setup
  • Server builds
  • Pack and Ship
  • Asset Tagging

FlexPod Integration

  • Complete FlexPod configuration
  • UCS and NetApp Configuration
  • VMware/vCenter Configuration

Certified Experts

Our certified engineers have hands-on experiences with hundreds of complex IT production environments. They exercise specialized expertise with cross-training in all critical IT areas: Security, Networking, Enterprise Applications, Cloud, Wireless, Storage and Virtualization. With over 300 technical certifications with leading technology vendors, they average over 15 years of technology experience. Tiered organization structure at InterVision ensures that first level integration staff has access to our expert in-house engineers for more complex integration tasks and projects.

World-Class Professional Services

Next generation, IT professionals making your business, their business. Unlocking value with professional IT services.