Maintenance Contract Renewals

We make maintenance contract renewals hassel-free and protect your assets.


Maintenance Contract Renewals

InterVision takes the hassle out of managing warranties and renewals. Our goal is to ensure your assets are protected. The ongoing maintenance and servicing of technology assets is vital to the reliable operations of IT infrastructure. However, for organizations with hundreds or thousands of software and hardware assets, keeping track of warranty expirations and support renewal dates can be challenging.

Maintenance Contract Renewals Services Overview

Dedicated Team

Our dedicated Service Renewals team serves as the liaison between you and vendors to streamline the renewal process and ensure you receive maximum return on your business investments. We take the time to meet with you for an initial discovery session to understand your goals, requirements and budget. Our team creates an asset with the service level and duration of current coverage. InterVision presents customized options with the most cost-effective solutions to meet your service level requirements.

Our Services

  • InterVision can help you with all aspects of managing technology warranties and maintenance contract renewals. We built a practice providing our customers with multiple service level agreement options designed to fit their needs based on the support levels of their specific technologies.
    • Build a detailed list of assets, product model numbers, serial numbers , service and warranty expiration dates
    • Provide the option to co-terminate contracts—coordinate with vendors to modify support contracts with multiple expiration dates to extend to a common end date
    • Provide easy to read reports that show aged asset summary and detail
    • Provide notifications with an initial quote at least 90 days in advance of upcoming renewal expiration dates to eliminate a lapse in service and unnecessary fees
    • Provide transitional coverage for current assets during a technology refresh project
    • Work with vendors to ensure any service issues are properly escalated

Certified Experts

Our certified engineers have hands-on experiences with hundreds of complex IT production environments. They exercise specialized expertise with cross-training in all critical IT areas: Security, Networking, Enterprise Applications, Cloud, Wireless, Storage and Virtualization. With over 300 technical certifications with leading technology vendors, they average over 15 years of technology experience. Tiered organization structure at InterVision ensures that first level integration staff has access to our expert in-house engineers for more complex integration tasks and projects.

World-Class Professional Services

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