Vulnerability Assessment

Take a proactive approach to identify vulnerabilities. Can never ever have enough protection.

Vulnerability Assessment

InterVision’s Vulnerability Assessment service safely examines your systems and web applications to identify weaknesses against all currently known exploits. These systems may exist in your datacenter (on premise), in a co-location facility, or within a public cloud provider and all should be periodically assessed. The Vulnerability Assessment service leverages best of breed vulnerability scanning technology that is constantly updated to ensure that even the latest well-known exploits are included in the system examination process. The service offers our customers the flexibility to search for and identify vulnerabilities that may exist in both your Internet-accessible as well as internally-facing hosts and web applications.

Vulnerability Assessment Overview


Why scan?

  • Identify what vulnerabilities exist in your externally-facing or internal systems to understand risk in the environment
  • Specific results and prescriptive recommendations enables remediation of vulnerabilities and minimizes the attack surface
  • Ensure that security compliance requirements are met and reduce risk by identifying and closing security gaps

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Certified Experts

Our certified engineers have hands-on experiences with hundreds of complex IT production environments. They exercise specialized expertise with cross-training in all critical IT areas: Security, Networking, Enterprise Applications, Cloud, Wireless, Storage and Virtualization. With over 300 technical certifications with leading technology vendors, they average over 15 years of technology experience. Tiered organization structure at InterVision ensures that first level integration staff has access to our expert in-house engineers for more complex integration tasks and projects.

Inside the Service

This assessment service is intended to identify vulnerabilities in your IT environment with details and prescriptive recommendations to mediate and reduce risk. By default, the Vulnerability Assessment Service engagement involves the following activities:

  • Discovery

    • Identify environments to be scanned
    • Perform discovery scan(s)
    • Determine & document scope of systems to test (IP selection)
    • Determine & document scope of web apps to test (URL selection)
  • Preparation

    • Provide scanning tool (internal scans)
    • Validate scanning tool communication (internal scan)
    • Configure scanning scope
    • Assist in coordination / communication with 3rd Party providers
    • Schedule scan(s)
  • Execution

    • Perform scan(s)
    • Capture scan results
  • Analysis

    • Parse & organize results data by threat type
    • Analyze results to create key findings
    • Validate and reproduce significant findings
    • Develop prioritized recommendations
    • Produce scan assessment report
  • Delivery

    • Review findings with Customer
    • Update report per Customer feedback (if applicable)

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