Status Go Podcast

“Perpetual innovation is really exercising curiosity.” 

-Ron West

Status Go Podcast

“What are we learning from customers that is going to drive our priorities?”  –Isaac Sacolick

Status Go Podcast

“Digital Transformation for me really focuses on how we embrace tech as a way to do business or a way to improve the quality of life.”  -Aleta Jeffress

Status Go Podcast

” Companies in the enterprise sector have a cloud strategy already, they are moving email to the cloud and voice is one more step forward in their cloud strategy.”  – Juan Carlos Anzola

Status Go Podcast

“The risks that surround communicating information via email are dramatic and they have potentially massive monetary issues.” – Haley Altman

Welcome to Status Go: a weekly podcast with lively discussions on what it takes to thrive among the challenges of enterprise technology.

Our hosts talk with practitioners, visionaries, pioneers, and specialists focusing on lessons learned and practical strategies in navigating today’s hyper-digital era.

StatusGo takes a deep dive on everything from change management to automation. We are in unprecedented times requiring crucial innovation; harness the momentum and realize your IT vision.

Featured Episodes

Leading IT Through Transformation

Host: Jeff Ton  |  Guest: Ron West

Strategies for IT leaders to innovate faster and create a clear vision.

Securing & Automating Business Practices

Host: Jeff Ton  |  Guest: Haley Altman

Highlighting alternative, secure and more efficient approaches to business process.

Design Thinking In IT

Host: Jeff Ton  |  Guest: Lou Lenzi

Marrying the functional and the creative: Connecting design driven innovation to overall business strategies and goals.

Driving Your Digital Strategy

Host: Jeff Ton  |  Guest: Isaac Sacolick

Aligning your strategy with overall company goals and leveraging technology for relevancy and competitive advantage.

Tackling AWS Network Security

Host: Alicia Gaba  |  Guests: Kevin Brick & Paul Clement

Creating a secure AWS environment without sacrificing speed & agility.

Connecting the Tech Industry and Academia

Host: Jeff Ton|  Guests: Lou Lenzi

IUPUI’s Interface Design and Business Innovation course: solving  business challenges with IoT solutions.

IT Transformation In The Public Sector

Host: Jeff Ton  |  Guest: Aleta Jeffress

Approaching transformation within the public sector.

Is Hybrid Cloud Real?

Host: Jamie Lee  |  Guest: Kevin Barker

Alleviating fears around the hybrid cloud strategy: planning, managing and overcoming common challenges.

Understanding the Cisco Collaboration Flex Plan

Host: Alicia Gaba  |  Guest: Juan Carlos Anzola

Learn more about changes in Cisco Collaboration Licensing.

2019 Technology Predictions

Host: Jeff Ton  |  Guest: Michael Bushong & Paul Clement

2019 Technology Predictions eBook contributors expand on their conclusions.

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